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How OCCDEC notify you in 4 seconds from a sound

The EDGE device recognizes what happened and directly send you a notification with our key features:

  1. Double filtering AI – The best system in the world we know of.
  2. Detect several sounds at the same time – Multi label classification
  3. Fully GDPR compliant.

Proactive AI-based analytics

OCCDEC AI provides a world-leading ability to identify in real time what is about to happen, is happening or has happened. The system can make decisions about appropriate measures and consequences, such as calling the police, guard or ambulance in real time.

Self-improving over time

The system constantly builds up and improves its ability to analyze input data with its two stage AI system. It can currently detect, for example, weapons, spray cans and glass breaking. The most common and high cost problems in todays society.

Introducing new sounds and simultaneous sound combinations, the latter something that makes OCCDEC a true multi label AI system. As an example; shouts for help in different languages.

Any weather, any environment

The system is not sensitive to weather, the learning model will also be dynamically enhanced per microphone to the customers desire.

Fast adoption to new sounds/applications

OCCDEC AI can quickly be updated to manage new types of events.

A Sound – Who comes to your help?

Proactive Notification


The notification gets prioritized after a set of rules.

  1. Higher vocal activity
  2. Breaking glass (such as smashed window/s)
  3. Verbal threats
  4. Screams for help
  5. Screams for ambulance/”Call 911″/”Call 112″/Police

Proactive response before actual shootings, will be able to save society large sums.


Reactive Notification


The notification gets prioritized after a set of rules, per example:

  1. Explosion
  2. Gun shot
  3. Shout for help
  4. Breaking glass

What happened?

The AI in the IoT device sends the analyzed material to the surveillance center with an already determined cause of what triggered the Occasion Detection.

Where did it happen?

Location can be determined down to 5 meters if four devices or more are in distance, three devices will have an accuracy of 15 meters.

Response time

Public service is different in every country, state and city.  It is completely up to the public service policy makers to decide how to act best on information they acquire.

OccDec recommends a Smartphone Response App to all Public Service personnel that notifies the proper person in the nearby location.


When did it happen?

The time is accurate to within 1 second with built in real time clocks.

Social Costs

One shooting in Sweden costs Swedish society 7.5 Mil Euros.
(source: Vägen till ett tryggare Sverige)

That equals the cost of the whole system for two cities per year, if we can prevent one shooting in Sweden.


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