David Radszuweit

Founder & CEO

25+ years of IT & consulting, now advising global companies in Cyber Security.

Lars-Ling-800x800 Grey

Lars Ling

Head of Sustainability

35+ years as a thought leader in sustainability on all continents.


Ruslan Abdulin


Building IoT Clients, CRM development, sound filtering and security protocols


Tom Toiviainen

Solution Architecht

VMware Virtualization, Infrastructure and application security.

800x800 Anna Haziraj

Anna Haziraj

Head of Marketing

Digitalization expert, corporation strategy consulting,  global brands and markets

800x800 Jonas Edin

Jonas Edin

Google Ads Expert

Specialist in online sales and helped 500+ customers improve their online sales.

Making the world safer

The whole Team want every place to be a safer and calmer place, do contact us!